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Welcome to our spring issue!

I love when the light returns after a long, dark winter, reminding us that however dark it seems, the light will always come. And now spring is arriving, with all its promise of new life, new beginnings and new adventures. This is a great time to observe Mother Earth’s innate intelligence, how she naturally lets life unfold and blossom into its highest potential, and in such an exquisite way. She does not stress, worry or lie sleepless at night, wondering how she is going to bring to fruition her latest dreams. Instead she just trusts her innate intelligence to guide life forward into expressing the highest potential it is capable of manifesting in each moment.

We too are part of Mother Earth, and inside our veins runs a divine intelligence that has the power to create new life. You are meant to be a conduit for this higher intelligence to flow through you, guiding you into exploring new ideas and set off on new adventures. So what new ideas do you want to explore? What lights you up? What is yearning to be expressed through you, as you? What can you let go of to make room for something new? And how can you allow this ‘newness’ to be anchored into your life?

How would it be if this coming spring you fully let your soul guide you to express even more of you, allowing you to blossom and expand? In this way your life becomes a journey of saying ‘yes’ – yes to life, yes to what lights you up, yes to more joy and happiness.

To fill your new adventure with inspiration we have packed this issue with insightful articles and interviews, such as Robert Holden’s thoughts on how you can find your life purpose; Alan Cohen’s advice on mastering the journey from fear to love and Mike Dooley’s wisdom in how life is meant to be an extraordinary adventure. Diana Cooper and Lorna Byrne reveal how you can let the angels help you; Gabrielle Bernstein gives you four reasons to trust the universe with your dreams, and scientist David Hamilton explains why kindness truly is good for your health and wellbeing. And of course our team of experts is here to answer your questions.

This, and much more, is waiting for you in our spring issue!

Love & light
Cissi Williams

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Finding your life purpose Robert Holden Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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Finding your life purpose

Happiness expert and psychologist Robert Holden shares how you can find your life purpose.

Life is such a mystery. When you really think about how we just arrive, it’s really quite something. That we just arrive with very little explanation for why we have a life as a human being. Why do we show up as humans and not as whales, for instance? Joseph Campbell said something like “Life is rather like showing up in the middle of the movie, having to find out what’s happened already and then also having to leave before the end of the movie.” And I think that’s sort of how it is: we get dropped into our life and there is such a great mystery to it and I think that the purpose on one level is to try to make sense of it all. I think it is also the feeling of wanting to somehow make the most of our life, to be able to do something precious with the gift of having a life. How can we make the most of this opportunity? How can we encounter the mystery where we can somehow navigate our life and find a way to enjoy it?

There are so many ways into purpose. One of them is to begin to notice stirrings inside yourself, where you begin to notice that there are times when you feel more alive than others, and then to ask: What is that aliveness telling me about myself?

In some ways a purpose is to want to be the most alive that you can be in your life, not just getting through the day and ending up tired and exhausted so that you have to sleep at the end of the day, but more a feeling of being alive so that you encounter the day in such a way that you are living it rather than trying to get through it.

If you then inquire into the heart, you can ask what brings you great joy, and notice when you are at your happiest. When do you genuinely feel like you are following your joy? Because sometimes following your joy is not all that it is cracked up to be. There are plenty of artists that will tell you they are following their joy when they are writing, when they are composing, but the actual process of writing and composing can be very difficult and full of fear and doubts and you often feel lost. But at the same

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Mastering the journey from fear to love Alan Cohen Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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A Course in Miracles is a self-study spiritual-thought system that teaches the way to love and forgiveness. Here Alan Cohen shares some of his main messages in his book A Course in Miracles Made Easy.

When did you first come into contact with the course?
Many years ago, in 1979, I saw some posters about it and I thought, ‘Oh, miracles, that sounds like another cheap psychic trick. That sounds tacky to me.’ And then I saw an article in a magazine called Psychology Today and it showed these three golden books falling out of heaven through the sky, and that was tacky too. But I read the article, and something about it spoke to me. And at that time it was $40 US, and I wasn’t making much money, so it was a big, big investment. But the voice said, ‘Just do this.’

That was really my first experience with what the Course calls the Holy Spirit, which is basically the voice of a higher power speaking to me through my intuition. And I sent away for the books and I opened up the first page and it jumped out at me and my life was never the same.

How can we learn to discern between the voice of love and the voice of fear?
Every human emotion, every human experience, every thought is perceived either from love or from fear; there’s no in-between. And our job is to discern the voice of love and act on that and to not act on fear. So the voice of love is comforting, it’s healing, it’s soul nourishing, it’s soothing, it’s creative, it’s expansive, it’s empowering. These are all the experiences you have when you hear and listen to the voice of love.

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Life is an adventure Mike Dooley Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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Life is an adventure

Mike Dooley talks to us about his latest book Life on Earth, where he explains how thoughts become things, how we can free ourselves from karma and why it is that adventure always requires a sense of incompleteness.

How is it then that thoughts become things?
Theoretically, if you slow the energy of thought down, it becomes dense enough to appear as matter. I can see in my own life that the times that I got really prayerful and really held a clear mental image of things I wanted to bring to pass, such as joy, happiness, and money, then it would happen.

We came here to totally rock and roll, and when we understand that we are of the divine, by the divine, for the divine and that we chose to come here as the divine, then we start to realise that we are so inclined to succeed. I mean, it’s just like life is absolutely not fair, not even close, because we are so inclined to succeed it’s like we’re cheating every single day. So it’s not like everybody has a 50:50 shot of positive thought, positive manifestation, negative thought, negative manifestation. No, your positive thoughts are 10,000 times more powerful than your negative thoughts because your positive thoughts are in alignment with the joy and the love and vitality that brought you here.

So when you think ‘I’m a pretty cool guy, I love myself, I rock, I’ll probably live a happy life’ then that’s in alignment with truth. And truth is knowable. It’s not like everybody has their own truth, but everybody has their own approach to truth. The approaches can be infinite and they’re all worthy of respect but the truth is the truth and as I say often, there may be an infinite number of roads to Rome. Not one of those roads changes Rome. Rome is Rome is Rome and in this analogy, Rome is the truth. There’s an infinite number of ways to truth, truth being benign and simple, and there’s only God, there’s only love, it’s all good, and our thoughts become things. These are immovable pillars that make the stage of time and space possible.

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4 reasons to trust the universe with your dreams Gabrielle Bernstein Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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4 reasons to trust the universe with your dreams

The part of me that wants to be in control doesn’t like the word hope. To my fearful mind, hope implies that there’s something I’m unable to make happen on my own. While I may not like that concept, it’s exactly what I needed. Hope helps us move through our problems and choose to perceive them in a new way. Hope is the conduit for miracles.

For me to move past the sadness, shame, and need to control, I had to surrender to hope and let go of my plans.

The pathway back to hope is through surrender. It’s not something that comes naturally to us – it must be a daily practice.

Consider my situation. Here I was, in the midst of writing a book on how to trust in the love of the Universe, all the while trying to control my own life’s circumstances! The need to control is sneaky. It can blindside us. The ego thinks it knows the way, and it does everything it can to keep us in a headlock. The best way, and ultimately the only way, to stay connected to the flow you’ve established is to surrender and then surrender some more.

Surrendering to love is not always easy, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to live a miraculous life. You don’t have to surrender fully overnight. In fact, it usually doesn’t happen all at once. Surrender is a process. A Course in Miracles says, “Each small step will clear a little of the darkness away.”

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Find health and happiness with the angels Diana Cooper Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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Find health and happiness with the angels

Angel expert Diana Cooper explains how the angels can help you find health and happiness, and help you raise your energy and expand your consciousness.

Meet your guardian angel
Your guardian angel is always with you and the moment you think about your angel they are absolutely waiting for you. When you talk to them, or mentally talk to them, they are listening, and so it’s a case of trusting that they are there and that you can receive impressions from them when your mind is quiet – most people don’t hear words, instead they just get a download of impressions and a sense that it feels right.

Letting the angels help you find health and happiness
Your divine blueprint is for total health and happiness and the angels are always trying to bring that to you.

If you are not grounded, causing you to feel headachy, floaty, slightly sick, or have a pain in your solar plexus, then you can call on the mighty Archangel Sandalphon. He is an extraordinary angel, the twin flame of Metatron, and he helps to ground your Earth Star chakra right into the earth. That is the first of your 12 chakras, and it goes down into the earth and makes sure that you are really rooted there. You can ask Archangel Sandalphon to really bring in your Earth Star chakra and ground it – see it like a beautiful, shining, silvery ball underneath your feet. After that you will feel much more belonging, and be more settled on earth, and more at peace.

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33 ways to heal a broken heart Rebecca Campbell Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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33 ways to heal a broken heart

Rebecca Campbell shares her top tips for healing a broken heart. If you are recovering from the ending of a relationship, or any ending that is painful, hopefully these suggestions may help.

  1. Remind yourself that your soul is growing in leaps and bounds. Our soul grows the most when it is cracked open. The more pain you are in right now, the bigger the opportunity for growth.
  1. Feel it all. In order for healing to happen, you need to feel your feelings instead of pushing them down (if you push them down, they’ll come back to bite you down the track). If you have kids or a job that requires you to get on with things and need to switch off your feelings, put aside at least 10 minutes each day to let your feelings bubble up without judgment. Journaling can help with this. Plain old crying is good too.
  1. Absolute Rose Oil is amazing for a heavy heart. You’ll only need the tiniest bit on your finger (less than a drop). Massage onto the front and back of your heart, solar plexus and throat every morning. It’ll encourage your heart to stay open instead of closing up.
  1. Buy yourself flowers. Peonies are the best healers. I think they might actually have magical powers. Watching them courageously open and then open some more will encourage your heart to do the same. If you can’t find peonies, pink roses are wonderfully healing too. Surround yourself with them. If you can only afford one stem, put it by your bed or on your desk and let this beautiful gift from nature work its magic.

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The five side-effects of kindness David Hamilton Inspired Wellbeing Magazine
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The five side-effects of kindness

Here scientist David Hamilton talks to us about the different side-effects of kindness – such as, it makes you happier, slows your ageing and is also really good for your heart.

What inspired you to write this book The Five Side-Effects of Kindness?
When I was young, my mum really inspired me, because she is such a kind person. So I always had it at the back of my mind that I wanted to be like my mum. And then, several years later, I was working in the pharmaceutical industry, and I was basically building drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer, and I got really inspired by the placebo effect. As a drug researcher I would try to find strategies for how to dilate an artery, because that reduces blood pressure, or discover how to get rid of cholesterol or how to reduce inflammation. So as scientists we would try to improve the condition of the arteries by inventing new drugs. A few years later, when I was writing on the mind–body connection, I found some startling results in the medical journals about the effects of kindness and compassion, and in some of the studies, they were measuring the changes in, say, inflammation inside the arteries, which were considerable.  And I noticed that these changes were at about the same level as was typical in the pharmaceutical industry when I was there, for some particular medicines. But those medicines would cost perhaps a quarter of a billion dollars in research, and yet here we had a practice of a meditation, for example, in which you cultivated a feeling of kindness and compassion, that achieved drops in inflammation in the arteries comparable to modern medicine. And I thought, isn’t that absolutely extraordinary?

So I knew that I needed to write about that one day. And eventually, I did write a book, five or six years ago, called Why Kindness Is Good For You, and I did include this research. And then I took some of the information from the book and wrote a blog called The Five Side-Effects of Kindness, and it has now become my most read blog – it’s been viewed about a thousand times a month; sometimes a lot more, sometimes a little less, and in over 150 countries round the world. So I decided to do a new version of the book, with a wealth of scientific information that has come out over the last five or six years, all about the different aspects and effects of kindness and compassion, and how they affect various different health parameters in the body.

Read more in the latest issue available in WHSmith and independent newsagents.


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