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I love this time of year, partly because it is filled with magic and wonder, and partly because you can literally feel how love wraps its beautiful angelic wings all around the world.

To celebrate this season we have filled this issue with inspiring features, such as from HeatherAsh Amara, who shares how you can awaken your inner fire; Meggan Watterson encourages you to embrace the Divine Feminine; Lisa Natoli inspires you to tap into your Inner Physician, so you can experience miraculous healing;  Sandra Anne Taylor helps you connect with the Akashic Records; and Dr Christine Page explains how you can follow your soul’s desire.

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Following your soul's desire
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Following your soul’s desire

Dr Christine Page

Dr Christine Page is a holistic doctor with a passion for seeing and treating the whole person; body, mind and spirit. She’s been called a mystical physician gifted with both healing and intuitive skills. Christine has written the books Frontiers of Health and Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, and here she shares with Cissi Williams how you can create your soul’s desire.

How can we create the reality that our soul desires for us rather than the reality our ego desires for us?
I think the starting point is to realise that often we’ll say, ‘I’m going to create my reality, my soul’s destiny’, in a belief that this is a new venture, something we have never done before. So the starting point is to realise that we’re doing this all the time – it isn’t something that we have to learn the keys to. Instead the keys are, ‘how can we create a better life for ourselves?’

We are all creating from the moment we’re born. I believe we choose the where and the how and the when we’re going to be born, in order to give us that opportunity to create the most.

If we start with the idea of, ‘I am a mighty divine being that is creating’, then we don’t become victim to our circumstances. So if we start by saying that, then it doesn’t mean when we’ve had horrendous lives, we’ve been abused, we’ve been deserted, that we have to then blame ourselves. It’s much more about saying, ‘okay, I have a choice here to how I deal with a bad situation even if I can’t change the situation itself’.

Terrible things are going to happen, they’ve happened to all of us. In the moment of someone having a bad experience, I would never go up to them and say, ‘wow, isn’t that wonderful, you’ve created this’. That’s not the truth. But afterwards, what is so important for us not to do is to keep on saying that bad things happen to us. Because that’s always then going to build more bad things happening. So being able to say, ‘that bad thing happened, but I have a choice how I take the experience, the wisdom from it, and what I want to do with it in the future.

Thank you for saying that. I went to Sweden a little while ago and my mum was really ill. Her cancer had spread throughout her system, so we knew she was going to die. I just kept praying, ‘help me choose peace here’. And from that moment it was like we were being held in grace. Of course it was painful and I was crying a lot, but even within that very traumatic experience it was also something beautiful taking place that I felt was from our souls – it was filling us with grace and an understanding that her soul is forever, her soul is still continuing through this.

It wasn’t that she did something bad and therefore she created the illness or that I did something bad and that’s why this was there. It was like, this is happening now, how can we move through this in the most beautiful and soul-filled way that is possible for us in that moment?

I love what you’re saying, be present with yourself, be present with your feelings. And what you will know and what I know from being at the deathbed with loved ones myself is that those moments are so precious. If I’d spent them thinking, ‘why is this happening’ or ‘how can I change the experience’ then I would not have been present.

It’s interesting that when we’re in a crisis like that – in those moments we actually make such wonderful decisions, we truly do. And that’s when the intuition can come through.

Awaken your inner fire
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Awaken your inner fire

Heather Ash Amara

HeatherAsh Amara is the author of The Toltec Path of Transformation, Warrior Goddess Training and Awaken Your Inner Fire. Her mission is to help women and men find and live in their authenticity. In this interview with Cissi Williams, HeatherAsh will inspire you to awaken your inner fire. She’ll also take you on two guided healing journeys; one to help you take your energy and power back, and the other is a visualisation that is great to do at a time of transition, such as an equinox, a solstice or the end of the year.

What is our inner fire and how can we awaken it?
Our inner fire is our life force energy, so it gives our body its existence, its life. We have the capacity to grow that inner fire, to increase our energy, to increase our enthusiasm in the world, our passion and our creativity. Every action we take, either nourishes that inner fire and brightens it, or it dampens the inner fire and diminishes it.

What are the most common ways that we dim our fire?
The biggest ways that we dim our fire is through self-judgement, criticism and feeling victimised by the world. We dampen it by how we’re thinking, when we get what I call ‘disaster mind’ where we are judging ourselves about things that happened in the past. Or we’re jumping ahead, feeling anxious and worried about the future. This absolutely dampens our fire.

What can we do when we notice that we have those negative, critical thoughts?
The first thing is to be aware of what’s happening, so it can be helpful to pay attention to your body and to notice if you’re feeling sluggish or contracted, or you feel like your fire is being dampened. And then to begin to explore what you’ve been saying in your mind, how you’ve been talking to yourself. I have a great example of this from when I was really young. I was at my favourite book store and I was looking at all the books and feeling really happy. As I’d left the book store I got into my car and all of a sudden I noticed that my energy was really flat and that I felt almost depressed. And I was like “What just happened?” And I went back in my mind’s eye to where I felt happy, and then I listened to my mind and what I heard my mind saying was, “Oh my gosh, look at all these books, everything’s already been written about. There’s no way anybody’s going to read a book you write, why would they read a book you’ve written? It’s already been written, you shouldn’t even bother writing a book”.

If I hadn’t caught that voice I may have never written anything, because I was busy believing that voice, and it wasn’t even conscious. It was just under my consciousness. So we need to be really willing to be aware to go back and ask ourselves, what was I really thinking at that time? And then we can transform it, once we’re aware of it.

Miraculous healing
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Miraculous Healing

Lisa Natoli

Lisa Natoli is a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She has devoted her life to helping people heal, by sharing with them how this is accomplished by changing their thinking and inner energy. In this interview Lisa and Cissi Williams dive deep into the teachings of A Course in Miracles and how it can help you heal anything in your life.

How did you discover the Course in Miracles?
I found the Course in 1992. I was living in New York City, working in publishing, and I had what the world considered all the worldly success, but I was struggling. I was an alcoholic, depressed and afraid. Every moment, I was afraid of losing the job, and losing the relationship I was in.

I found Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return to Love, and in the first couple of pages, she mentions A Course in Miracles. It was something about the words that jumped off the page for me. I just grabbed my purse and in that instant I hopped on the train, went into Manhattan and bought a copy of the Course.

The Course has all that Christian language, which I’m not familiar with. I don’t have a religious background, so I didn’t know anything about Jesus. I didn’t have any understanding about God. So, initially, I was turned off by the language, and I had no idea what this message was. I thought it was just someone named Helen Schucman who said it was channelled material, and that she was just trying to get her own message into the world. So, I was equally in love with the message, and at the same time, repulsed by it.

A Course in Miracles started out as an intellectual, conceptual journey for me, trying to understand the words, and that didn’t work for me. I went to A Course in Miracles groups, and what I discovered is, the whole journey is to get out of your head, into your heart. You have to get into the direct experience.

One year, I just made this decision, I’m going to do A Course in Miracles as closely as possible to what it’s instructing me to do. I just said, okay, I don’t know what this book means. I maybe had had it for ten years up to that point. I’d read it already from start to finish. I’d done the workbook lessons several times, but I wasn’t having that experience it promises of peace and joy and healing and abundance.

I knew I must be the problem, so I just made this decision – I’m going to start the book again. I’m going to do the workbook lessons this year, starting with workbook lesson number one, and I’m going to do it as closely as possible, and make no e

Both the alcoholism and the depression fell away over the years. Another area of my life was money. I had no money for a long, long time, and I knew that this was something I had to look at.

So the alcoholism disappeared, depression disappeared, and then the money thing got cleared up. After that the next thing was that I had this burning question in me, ‘how is healing accomplished, really?’ I had heard of other people who had healed themselves, and I knew that A Course in Miracles says that everyone can do it, but how?

Embracing the Divine Feminine
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Embracing the Divine Feminine

Meggan Watterson

Meggan Watterson is a scholar of the Divine Feminine, spiritual mentor and author of the books Reveal, How to love yourself and sometimes other people, and the creator of the Divine Feminine Oracle deck. Here she shares with Cissi Williams the deep mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

How would you describe the Divine Feminine?
I like to describe it on two different levels, sort of inwardly and externally. So externally for me the Divine Feminine is the other half of the story of the divine. We’ve all heard the stories of the Pope, the male mystics, monastics and saints and the idea of a father God. What we have missed is that same balance of the female saints and mystics – the priestesses, the mother God, the Goddess but these are the stories that for me, as a scholar I had to search for.

For example, the first author in all of recorded human history is Enheduanna and she’s from 2,250 BC. Her prayers to the Goddess Inanna were more replicated than the Inscriptions of Kings, so that’s basically like an ancient Mesopotamian version of a New York Times bestseller. She was known as being the incarnation of the Goddess Inanna and it was believed that she had reached semi-divine status.

For me, figures like this in history are so crucial for us to hear about, because they reflect back to us our own attributes that I would consider feminine, like receptivity, vulnerability and the capacity to go inward. Meditation is a feminine act, because it’s quiet, it’s drawing inward, it’s not externalising or expressing or doing anything outside of us.

What these stories of the Divine Feminine can do is to remind us of our own feminine attributes, such as connecting and communicating. These are essential for everyone, male and female. And for me, in order to be able to connect to those aspects of our innate being we need to have a balance of those external images, of both masculine and feminine stories and images and icons of the divine.

How has it affected us, at a collective consciousness level, that the feminine has been suppressed for such a long time?
I like to describe it energetically that it is like a Cyclops – we’re all seeing with only one half of a story and we’re only operating with one functionality. We’re so programmed and geared to have to express ourselves, to take action, to move outward, to produce and to earn, which are all attributes of the masculine.
What we haven’t experienced as much is that capacity to be still and to meet with everything that already exists within us, to realise we contain our own answers. Instead of running around like chickens, we can stop and go inward and be led from that state of union of being connected to the divine from within us.

The Akashic Records made easy
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The Akashic Records made easy

Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor is an international speaker and consultant who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. She has written Quantum Breakthrough Code, The Akashic Records Made Easy and The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives. In this interview with Cissi Williams, Sandra explains how we can all access the Akashic Records and she also takes us on a guided journey into the records to heal a past life.

What are the Akashic Records?
They are a field of information about ourselves, like a vibrating consciousness about our individual truth, our shared truth and the global truth. Every energetic vibration of thought and emotion, all the information about the world, is included in the Akashic Records. This also includes your own personal records from your eternal history, all the way to your future potential.

The records hold all of this, and everything else that you would want to know. I consider it a hologram, and what many don’t know is that if a hologram was to break, then even if you had just a piece of it, then if you put a laser through that tiny piece you can still see the whole. So even if you’re holding one flower in your hand, you are also holding the entire knowledge of the universe within that flower. Edgar Cayce did say that the Akashic Records were in every cell of nature, including our own cells.

It’s like a spiritual DNA?
Yes, it is exactly like a spiritual DNA.

So, it’s like we can tap into this spiritual DNA that holds all the information about everything. And by tapping into that we can use this information to also heal the past, and programme our future in a more resourceful way?
Yes absolutely. It’s very interesting to get information about our past lives, and then to be able to heal it, to re-write it, to re-frame it in a different frame of reference and by doing so we change the present. In every moment we are writing our present records. And those present records engage the laws of the universe to create our future potentials. So there’s all this personal power of creativity and manifestation that comes when we tap into the records about our own personal stuff.

You can also get information about topics ranging from investment to medical treatment. Edgar Cayce diagnosed and gave a treatment suggestion for thousands of people. He said he got the information either from the higher self of the person he was working with, or from the Akashic Records.