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This time of year is the perfect time to celebrate the goodness in our lives, by really appreciating all the blessings, the love and the happiness that is present in every day. It is so much easier to see through the eyes of joy when we are being surrounded by light, reminding us that life indeed can be sweet and miraculous.

To help you focus on what is good and joyful, it can be beneficial to first let go of whatever drains you, and wisdom from Denise Linn and Christiane Northrup can really help – Denise explains how you form energy strands with other people and how these can affect you, and Christiane reveals how you might be drained by energy vampires in your life and what you can do about it! For more spiritual inspiration John Holland gives you a rare glimpse into the Spirit World, Brian Weiss shares the four most commonly asked questions about Past-Life Regression, and Debbie Ford explains the powerful process of prayer.

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4 Common Questions About Past Life Regression: Can Regression Therapy Help You Heal?
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Over the past 20 years, I’ve used meditation and regression techniques with thousands of patients, helping many of them alleviate psychological and physical symptoms. The benefits of meditation, healing visualization, and regression have been extensively documented in my previous books; in addition, my CDs have helped many people achieve states of inner peace and tranquility. My book Mirrors of Time allows you to take the next step and use the same regression techniques and exercises that I use with my patients. The benefits of regression therapy extend far beyond the alleviation of symptoms. Healing often results on all levels of our being, including the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.

Before you embark on your own experiences with regression techniques, here are some of the most frequently asked questions I hear about the process:

Q. Do the regression exercises always evoke memories of past lives? Is this the only way to have such memories?
A. It’s certainly possible to have actual past-life recall through these regression exercises, although many other types of relaxation or meditation techniques can lead to the same thing as well. People may also experience past-life recall during dreams, spontaneously (often seen with children), or in many other ways. For example, my first recollection of a past life actually didn’t take place during regression therapy or hypnosis, but as a result of the state of relaxation caused by shiatsu massage (or acupressure). Suddenly, I vividly observed myself as a priest in ancient Babylon. I’d like to point out that it took me three months of daily meditation before I had this regression. So the more you practice, the better prepared you’ll be to open up to these experiences.

Q. What are the memories like that come during regression?
A. I find that actual past-life memories are usually accessed and described in one of two ways. The first is the classical pattern, where the person enters one lifetime only and is able to perceive an extremely complete, detailed depiction of that life and its events. Almost as if it were a story, much of the entire lifetime passes by; that is, it often begins with birth or childhood and doesn’t end until death. It’s possible that the person will painlessly and serenely experience the death scene and a life review, where the lessons of the lifetime are illuminated and explored with the benefit of the person’s higher wisdom and possibly by a religious figure or spiritual guide.

Dodging energy vampires
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Dodging energy vampires

Are you an emapth? Do you often feel exhausted after having been around certain people? Then Christiane Northrup can help you understand why and what you can do about it.

I’ve spent a lifetime working in the field of health and healing—first as a conventionally trained ob/gyn physician and surgeon and then later as a global teacher who reminds women about everything that can go right with their bodies. And, even more important, how to make this their reality.

During my decades on the front lines of women’s health, I have seen countless women suffer from seemingly inexplicable health conditions. These women eat well. They exercise. They take care of themselves. They manage families, jobs, homes. On paper, everything looks great, but each time I dig deeper into their lives, I find that there is another person at the root of their problems—a person who seems to be literally sucking the life blood from them. I refer to these people as energy vampires.

Most of the women (and also men) afflicted by energy vampires are compassionate, loving, and deeply concerned about the well-being of the people around them. They interact with the energy of other people to a degree that puts them well past being merely compassionate. They don’t simply feel an observational sadness when they see someone suffer; they feel the same suffering, as if they are having a first hand experience of the pain they are witnessing. These women fall into a category of people known as empaths.

Until quite recently, energy vampires have been largely unrecognized and undiagnosed by society in general and the medical and legal systems in particular. That’s why so few people understand what a problem they are.

The Sacred Power of Spirit
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The Sacred Power of Spirit

Davidji Meditation teacher and stress management expert davidji explains how you can let your soul awaken by tuning into the divine. When we are fully present, we become aware of some divine force that is speaking to us in a timeless language. Perhaps you sense it coming from the outside world . . . a voice you hear or something that you see—some expression of nature like the stars in the night sky or the wind in the trees. Or maybe you are struck hearing someone laugh or say something you weren’t expecting. You can sense it internally as well, as you contemplate or “feel” something inside. Sometimes it’s very prominent in our awareness; other times it’s just a faint whisper. Whatever you interpret it to be, you know this presence is real. For thousands of years, the great sages, oracles, shamans, and philosophers referred to this essence outside of you and flowing through you as Spirit. Most wisdom traditions have described Spirit as immortal, invisible, and beyond our physical understanding. The ancient Indian text the Bhagavad Gita explains, “Weapons cannot cleave it. Fire cannot burn it, nor can water wet it, nor wind dry it. It is constant, capable of going everywhere, firm, immovable, and eternal.” Whether you apply a religious connotation to Spirit or see it through nondenominational eyes, we know that it is all-pervasive, flows through everything, and is infinite.


The human brain can grasp some pretty complex concepts, but it is actually incapable of comprehending the true essence of infinity. We can understand it on a theoretical level, but fully appreciating the concept of an infinite, ever-expanding, and all-pervading Spirit is probably out of the question. We can, however, grasp the concept of a personal version of Spirit that rests inside us, which, throughout time, has been referred to as the Soul. And what is the Soul? It’s the human expression of the Divine. It’s our personal, individual expression of something much bigger than us—something way more expansive than we could ever really imagine. It’s not actually in our physical bodies. We just mistakenly think it is because our bodies are our reference points for all things. When we look in the mirror, we “think” we are looking at our self—but we are only gazing at the Soul’s physical expression. If we peel away all the flesh, bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels, and tissues and go deeper still, until there is no physical aspect to our existence, our Soul is the essence beneath it all. When we say the word I, we often think we are talking about this physical flesh being that walks through the world, but what we really mean is my body, my mind, and my Soul. And when we leave this earthly existence, as we all must do at the end of our lives, our bodies return to dust, our minds move to a higher level of consciousness, and our Souls merge back into the divine one-ness of Spirit that is pure, unbounded, infinite, and ever present.

The Powerful Process of Prayer
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The Powerful Process of Prayer

Debbie Ford

Let me surrender my will and give up my agendas so that I may go where you want to take me.
Let me be humble enough to know that you know what is best for me.
Let me be trusting enough to believe that you want the best for me.
Let me follow your lead, listening for the exact steps that will direct me to a complete experience of you.
Let me glide across the floor of this day with grace, ease, and joy.

Prayer brings about the gradual expansion and unfolding of our awareness. When we pray, we use our words, our will, our heart, and our intention to go beyond our mind. We recite sacred words to open up the channel through which we experience God. But what does it take to let prayer in, to have it resonate within us so that we become open and receptive to achieving the essence of that which we are seeking? To understand this, we must explore the precise steps that unfold when we engage in the process of prayer.

It begins with the willingness to be opened, to let go of
our resistance and righteous beliefs, in order to experience something new. Why do we ask to be opened? Because most of us are shut down, closed off, and unaware that we are keeping God out. Although our mind may argue to the contrary, our heart is closely guarded. Pains of the past act as a veil between our lower self and our higher states of consciousness. As we humbly acknowledge this truth, we let our holy spirit know that there is a higher place for us to open up to. This call to be opened is our first request to our higher self.

Energy Strands
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Energy Strands

Denise Linn

Denise Linn explains how we form energy strands with other people, and the world around us, and how this can affect us. It is the nature of human beings to get attached to other people and things. (Perhaps this begins when we are born attached to our mother by our umbilical cord.) Our attachments are how we know we are connected to the world around us. The subcon- scious awareness of these lines of connection is evidenced by our expressions, such as feeling “tied down,” or the saying “no strings attached,” or “I need to cut the ties.” On a deep level, we can sense the strands of energy that attach us to the world around us, even if we can’t see them. They are real. Energy strands are invisible—yet very genuine—lines of energy and communication that connect us to people, places, and things. Energy can ebb and flow through these links. These strands, cords, filaments, threads, and strings that connect us to the world around us can be thin and transient, or they can flow like a vast river, and they can even come from our past and exist over lifetimes. Strong emotions, such as love and fear, travel quickly through these linkages; physical pain, physical pleasure, and knowledge and wisdom can also be transmitted through them. Some of these energy attachments are beneficial; they allow us to feel vibrant and alive. Others aren’t so helpful; they deplete and weaken us. When two people interact with each other, energy cords are formed between them. These energy cords can feel either energizing or depleting. Sometimes you can lose energy through a cord. It also can be a way for a person to gain information from you; or even—in a dark way—manipulate and control you. Most individuals are not consciously aware of these energy cords, but they can feel them on a subconscious level. Some clairvoyants and psychics can see these strands of energy, which usually run from solar plexus to solar plexus, but they can attach anywhere on the body. The stronger the emotional connection between two people, the stronger the cord is. Energy cords allow us to feel another person, even if they are thousands of miles away. Some- times we can even sense what another person is feeling or think- ing through the cord. Energy strands can pull people together and they can also make it difficult to separate when a relationship is no longer constructive. There are cordlike energy connections to locations as well.

Your Real Home
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Your Real Home

John Holland

There is a special and extraordinary place that many ponder or imagine; not too many speak of it, but it’s a place that, someday, we will all come to know . . . again.

Heaven, Shangri-La, Paradise, Eternity, the Other-Side, and even Upstairs are just some of the names that are frequently used to refer to the Spirit World. Yet, for many of us, we rarely speak openly about this extraordinary and mysterious place. We might well retreat into the privacy of our own thoughts to ponder or imagine what this special place might be like. In these moments of quiet reflection comes the realization that, someday, we will come to know this place ourselves . . . again.

As a practicing spiritual medium, there’s one overriding question that comes up time after time: “Where are my loved ones now that they’ve left this world . . . are they at peace?” It’s a very profound question, which has an equally complex answer.

Before I answer that important question, I first try to help people understand that you’re a soul that comes with a body — not a body that comes with a soul. You are a soul first. The soul is eternal and can never die or cease to exist. The soul is the real you, composed of pure consciousness. You were a soul long before you came into this plane of existence, and you’ll be a soul long after you leave this body to return home . . . to the Spirit World.
I truly believe that the Spirit World is our real home, and our loved ones who are there are no longer ill. They’re no longer suffering or in pain. More importantly, they’re whole, reunited with family and friends who have gone on before them. It’s those of us that remain here who feel the pain after we lose someone, mourning the physical loss of someone we truly loved.


Have you ever seen someone praying or calling out to their loved one who has passed? It’s quite common for you to see people with their hands firmly clasped together in prayer as they gaze up. Alternatively, they might just call out to them while looking toward the heavens. However, I believe that the Spirit World is not “up there” but right here where we are, all around us. It’s not beyond the clouds or thousands of miles away in some far-off place; it’s closer than you could ever possibly imagine.

Find the right balance in your diet
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Find the right balance in your diet

Nicky Clinch

Transformational Life Coach and Microbiotic Councillor Nicky Clinch shares with Cissi Williams the importance of trusting our intuition and listening to our bodies.

How can we find the right balance in our diet so it suits us as individuals?
I don’t think there’s a black and white answer to that. In my experience, the first thing that we need to do before we can find the right balance for us is to know where we are, and who we are, because each one of us is so different. We need to first pay attention to where is our energy, what kind of body shape do we have, what kind of person are we and what kind of constitution are we born with? And then we take into account where our energy is right now and where we might be out of balance and that will determine what kind of foods that would work for us.

I really believe it’s the small simple daily acts that make such a world of difference to how nourished and balanced we feel. I think when we get really stressed at work and we’re overworking, all those little daily acts when it comes to diet, when it comes to home cooking, when it comes to body work, they all disappear.

Recently I went through that myself, as I got too busy. I then started bringing all those daily acts back in, such as home cooking more regularly, going back to the basics of having wholegrains and a good variety of vegetables and vegetarian proteins, and making sure that I have 20 minutes every day to myself, by getting up early before the baby wakes up and doing some journaling, or walking in nature, or just to move or stretch on the mat. I can’t believe how these simple acts can make such a big difference to how balanced I do, or don’t feel, in my life.