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Welcome to our winter issue.

There is something special about winter, when everything becomes more still, quiet and peaceful. Winter for me represents magic, miracles and stillness – magic, because the whole world becomes enveloped in a quiet peacefulness; miracles, as Christmas and the beginning of a new year always bring with them new opportunities for love and forgiveness; and stillness, because you can feel how Mother Nature starts to slow down and give herself sacred time to rest. All of this makes it easier for her to create something new, something wonderful, something even more magical. She trusts her seasons and allows herself to go with the flow.

To help you step into stillness, so you too can create magic and miracles in your life, we have filled this issue with inspiring features, such as from Linda Fitch, who shares how you can find your highest potential with the shamanic practice of destiny retrieval; Colette Baron-Reid reveals how you can create a life filled with magic when you trust Spirit; Dr Mona Lisa Schulz explains how you can tune into your body’s intuition; David Hamilton reveals how kindness can heal your body; Deva Premal and Miten share the healing power of mantras; and Florence Scovel Shinn inspires you to learn how to play the game of life.

You will also discover how to step into sacred time so you can invite miracles into your life, 8 powerful crystals for soul work and shamanic journeying, the benefits of meditation, as well as deep yogic wisdom and wellbeing advice from our team of experts.

This, and much more, is waiting for you in this issue!

Lots of love and light
Cissi Williams
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Intuitive Health
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Intuitive Health

Dr Mona Lisa Schulz

Dr Mona Lisa Schulz received her doctorates, an MD and a PhD (Behavioural Neuroscience) from Boston University School of Medicine in 1993, and has been a medical intuitive since 1987. She has written several bestselling books, and her latest book Heal Your Mind: Your Prescription for Wholeness through Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition was co-written with Louise Hay. Here she talks to Cissi Williams about how we can tune into our body’s intuition.

How can we learn to listen to our body and interpret its messages?

Think of your body like the dashboard in your car. When you get a new car the array of buttons and symbols on the dashboard can be quite overwhelming; you may well drive the car around without really knowing what they all mean and if something starts flashing you might ignore it until the car stops! And so eventually you have to pull the car over to figure out what that light is telling you.

Your body also has similar buttons which will let you know if you need to adapt to the changes in your life. As we learn how our body is wired, we figure out what we need to pay attention to in our life. In the body, one button (root chakra) is the centre which deals with your immune system, bones and joints. This centre will let you know when you don’t feel safe, and when the people around you are not safe. This is like the panic button in your car or your hazard warning lights.

Another button in your car indicates a problem with the oil. Likewise, the second centre in your body is related to relationships and money, as these are the ‘oil’ in your life. This centre will let you know when there is a problem in these areas: when you either have too little or too much emphasis on money or a relationship or when there are problems with your hormones, uterus, prostate or lower back.

In your car another button will go off when you have a problem with your battery; this is akin to your energy. If the battery is low you will see it. You might ignore it, until the next thing you know your car won’t start in the morning; if you keep the car engine running, you will exhaust the battery. Similarly, the third centre in your body signals when you push yourself too much, when you stay up all night and when you work too hard. This centre is the balance of self versus responsibility to others, and this is the area that deals with your digestion, weight, adrenal gland, hormones and cortisol. It will let you know when you are having trouble balancing your needs against those of others, against work or even against an addiction. You will experience issues with your digestion, problems with your weight and fatigue – telling you that you are either not driving yourself hard enough or you are driving yourself too hard.

Similar to the car’s engine, your fourth centre – the heart, breast and lungs – is an area housing the crucial pipelines of your body; these are the pathways for motion and nurturance. If they don’t enable flow, due to an imbalance of what you have put in versus what you put out, you will stop. You will either get a heart attack, be unable to breathe, or have problems with your breast.

Fifth centre, communication, is like the radio and satellite navigation in your car, and when they don’t work it is just annoying. When you are having trouble with communication then your thyroid and neck may play up.

Sixth centre is the brain, eyes and ears, and in the car this is the computer system. It is this ambiguous area in the car that somehow coordinates everything – fuel injection, spark plugs, engine… Just as in the body, your brain connects everything, so when it doesn’t work, everything is affected – your thoughts, how you see and think about the world (your perception) and how the rest of your body works. This centre will let you know when there is something wrong with the way you are seeing the world and with how you are growing, developing and changing. Your body will let you know this through your eyes, ears and sense organs, as well as your brain.

The seventh centre is your whole body. And this warning light says ‘urgent service’ when we have a life-threatening illness. To pre-empt that, we don’t have just a check-up with our doctor, we have a check-in with spirit and with ourselves. This centre is concerned with our purpose in life, but also our connection to spirit and whether we are on the right path.

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Listen to your Soul’s Voice
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Listen to your Soul’s Voice

Meggan Watterson

Meggan Watterson is an author, meditation teacher, and scholar of the divine feminine, who inspires seekers to live guided by the soul-voice inside them. Here she talks to us about how connecting with the divine feminine can help us discover our soul’s voice.

What happened that awakened your interest in the divine feminine?

I experienced a profound reaction to reading the Bible when I was a little girl, where I actually broke out in hives. I noticed the way that women were described and spoken about; where women were part of the story, but we were not actually hearing these stories in their own voices; so we were not hearing about their experience of God or about what was sacred according to them.

I would spend much of my adult life trying to put into words why I had such a strong reaction, but I realise now that it was a visceral deep inner knowing that we were missing a crucial part of the story. And that had made me feel terrified to be a little girl, because for thousands of years God had been seen as male, had been mostly defined and explained by theologians and priests who were male, and that implied that the female body was less sacred than the male body. And that made me afraid to be female.

Part of the depth of that fear was my having been sexually abused – I knew in my bones that there was a connection between how I was being treated and the way that my body was perceived. I knew that there was a deep connection between the lack of a feminine divine and the fact that I had been sexually abused: that women across the globe throughout history had been treated as inferior to men. That was my entry point into wanting to learn more about the divine feminine.

How did you then start to explore the divine feminine?

I was fiercely curious, so I wanted to find every single story I could about female saints, and research any legends and stories of women’s experiences of what it means to know God.

I began to find these unbelievable accounts of saints and mystics and holy goddesses which really began to create a more balanced and whole picture for me of what the divine is. It is not just the masculine, it is also the feminine. It is not just the light it is also the dark, and it is not just knowing it is also the sacred unknown. All of those things had before been put hierarchically, one above the other, where light is more important than dark, or soul is more important than body, or male is more important than female, but when I studied the divine feminine it rotated that hierarchy so there was equal access. In that way, all the elements that I had before considered higher or lower than each other, met eye to eye, and I could see the purpose and importance of all things equally.

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Find your Highest Potential with Destiny Retrieval
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Find your Highest Potential with Destiny Retrieval

Linda Fitch

Master Shaman Linda Fitch explains how the ancient shamanic practice of destiny retrieval can help you access your highest potential and most rewarding future.


I actually have a story that illustrates this very well, about an old apartment complex where the furnace went out. Of course all the people that lived there complained about it, so the landlord went down to look at it, but he couldn’t figure out what was the problem. So he called the furnace repair guy, who came in and walked around the furnace, trying to figure out what had happened. He then went over to his toolbox and took out a little tiny ballpeen hammer. He walked up to the furnace and at one particular spot he hit it with the hammer, and the furnace kicked back on. Everything started working. So he put his hammer down and handed the landlord the bill.

The landlord looked at the bill and of course his face dropped and he goes ‘What? All you did was walk over and hit it with the hammer.’ And the guy turned to him and said ‘Yes, but I knew where to hit it.’

And that is how you create your own destiny: knowing where to put that right tweak, that right punch, to create what you want in your world.


Last night my husband and I were watching a movie with Denzel Washington called Unstoppable. It is based on a true story. In the movie, this train leaves the train yard, but through some errors the train ends up not being manned, so there is nobody in the locomotive, no engineer, no conductor, and the air brakes are not connected. And of course there are several cars in the train that have toxic waste.

And I realised that this is an analogy for our destiny right now; this is what is happening, both collectively and individually. Let us just look first at it individually, where destiny is this big train going down a particular track and nobody is in control it, and this represents our lives. It is like we have stepped away, for whatever reason, maybe because we are so busy raising our families, or we are caught in the story of our life, or perhaps we are in a survival mode. Whatever the reason the result is that there is no conductor present in our life. Add to this all these heavy cars that are pushing us, like the toxic waste load pushing the train down the tracks with no air brakes.

And what happens is that we start to go really fast in our lives – the train is accelerating – so even though we try to make changes to allow us to switch track, the train is going so fast it can’t move into those new tracks.

So part of our destiny work is to understand how we can drop some of the cars, and some of those cars might be that we believe we are not good enough, or that there is a family pattern of being the victim, perpetrator or rescuer, or any other drama or old stories we have collected along the way.

One of the things that you can do to let go of some of those cars is to notice when you are stuck, and to do that you have to be awake: you need to notice what is going on with awareness. From a shamanic standpoint, this is then brought to honouring, often through a fire, or through a water ceremony – as a means to honour that area we have been stuck in, so we can let it go.

In the recognising and honouring of these areas, we can deduce the learning and the gift of these ‘cars’. Once we have done that we can start to pick the best, highest version of ourselves, of who we want to become, through Destiny Retrieval.

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The Game of Life and how to play it
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The Game of Life and how to play it

Florence Scovel Shinn

Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game. It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of Spiritual Law, and the Old and the New Testaments give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus Christ taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.

“Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” This means that whatever man sends out in word or deed will return to him; what he gives, he will receive.

If he gives hate, he will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love; if he gives criticism, he will receive criticism; if he lies, he will be lied to; if he cheats, he will be cheated. We are taught also that the imaging faculty plays a leading part in the game of life.

“Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” (Prov. 4:23.)
This means that what man images sooner or later externalizes in his affairs. I know of a man who feared a certain disease. It was a very rare disease and difficult to get, but he pictured it continually and read about it until it manifested in his body, and he died, the victim of distorted imagination.

So we see, to play successfully the game of life, we must train the imaging faculty. A person with an imaging faculty trained to image only good brings into his life “every righteous desire of his heart”– health, wealth, love, friends, perfect self-expression, his highest ideals.

The imagination has been called “The Scissors of The Mind”, and it is ever cutting, cutting, day by day, the pictures man sees there, and sooner or later, he meets his own creations in his outer world. To train the imagination successfully, man must understand the workings of his mind. The Greeks said: “Know Thyself.”

There are three departments of the mind, the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. The subconscious is simply power, without direction. It is like steam or electricity, and it does what it is directed to do; it has no power of induction.

Whatever man feels deeply or images clearly is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carried out in minutest detail.

The conscious mind has been called the mortal or carnal mind.

It is the human mind and sees life as it appears to be. It sees death, disaster, sickness, poverty and limitation of every kind, and it impresses the subconscious.

The superconscious mind is the God Mind within each man, and is the realm of perfect ideas.

In it is the “perfect pattern” spoken of by Plato, The Divine Design; for there is a Divine Design for each person.

“There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do.”

There is a perfect picture of this in the superconscious mind. It usually flashes across the conscious as an unattainable ideal – “something too good to be true.”

In reality, it is man’s true destiny (or destination) flashed to him from the Infinite Intelligence that is within himself.

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The healing power of mantras
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The healing power of mantras

Deva Premal and Miten

Deva Premal and Miten are flame carriers of a 5,000-year-old tradition, and today, they are at the forefront of the burgeoning worldwide chant phenomenon. Their album sales are approaching 1.5 million and have brought peace and joy into many hearts all across the globe. Here they share what it is that makes mantras so healing.

How did your spiritual journeys start?

Deva Premal: For me, it began right at the beginning of my life, even before I was born, because my father, who was very committed to meditation, Eastern spirituality and mantras, decided to welcome me to the world with the Gayatri Mantra. So during the pregnancy and at my birth, my parents chanted the mantra for me. I was encouraged to continue the practice every night throughout my childhood. I didn’t even know it had a name back then, I just knew the words, and I remember asking my mother, ‘What am I actually singing here?’ and she explained that it was like ‘cleansing’.

So that’s how it started, but as soon as I realised I could choose whether or not to chant it – I was age 10 – I stopped! And when I was 11, I found my own guru, my own path, through meeting Osho, my eventual spiritual master.

My parents introduced me to Osho and I loved his active meditations. I felt at home. It was like, wow, this is natural, this feels good and I want to participate. I followed my heart and took the step to ask Osho for a spiritual name, which was a way of becoming his disciple. It also involved wearing red clothes and a mala, which was kind of challenging as it meant going to school looking somewhat different to everyone else!

How did your journey start, Miten?

Miten: My earliest musical memories are of rock ‘n’ roll; Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, etc., so I got off to a different start. My parents ran a pub and my mother would play piano in the evenings. And then, when I was about 15, The Beatles descended upon us all. England at that time seemed very grey and monochrome, and The Beatles just coloured everything for us. My generation grew through an amazing journey together, which led many of us into meditation, thanks especially to George Harrison and John Lennon. Those two guys, and their great songs like ‘Across the Universe’ and ‘Within You Without You’, eventually led me to India and to meditation. By now, I was in my twenties and I was also in the rock scene. I had a successful recording career and was touring with bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Ry Cooder and Hall & Oates.

But it was very unfulfilling in a spiritual way. I couldn’t keep up with all the drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll! I had to bail out eventually and I ended up studying meditation in Osho’s community and hearing real music for the first time. It was fundamentally different to the music that I’d been playing, inasmuch as it was played purely to express an experience that could not be said in words, without any ambition, without any financial achievement. It was music for meditation. All Osho’s meditations were accompanied by music, and as a musician arriving in that environment, I was so overwhelmed and awed by its healing power. I needed time to absorb its power, so I sold all my instruments and spent a year just listening. As I absorbed the music and became part of the commune, chopping carrots and washing the rice, I gradually healed.

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How kindness can heal the body
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How kindness can heal the body

David Hamilton

It’s been said that love or kindness can mend a broken heart. It’s true, and by this, we generally mean emotionally. But there’s much more to it. Love and kindness also have a physical impact on the heart.

Let me explain. Everyone knows that stress creates stress hormones, like cortisol, adrenalin, and norepinephrine. But, to be clear, it’s not necessary for us to be facing a stressful event. Anticipating or recalling a stressful situation produces stress hormones. Similarly, how we feel in relation to a current stressful situation produces stress hormones. In other words, it’s not the situation itself, but how we feel in relation to it that generates stress hormones. Feelings are the key!

This is an important point. What about feelings of a different kind? What kind of hormones do they produce?

Well, love produces the love hormone, oxytocin. It’s been called by other names too – the cuddle chemical or hugging hormone (because we produce it when we hug), and even the moral molecule or ‘trust me’ drug (because it promotes trust). I often refer to oxytocin as a ‘molecule of kindness’. The reason is that it is produced when we’re being genuinely kind.

Genuine kindness creates feelings of warmth and connection, as does love, and it is these feelings that produce oxytocin.

OK, so now we know that kindness produces oxytocin. How does that heal the body?

Well, oxytocin is a cardioprotective hormone. Cardioprotective means exactly what it says – protective towards the cardiovascular system. It provides this protection in a few ways.

First, it stimulates production of nitric oxide, which then dilates our arteries. The result is a reduction in blood pressure. This is a well-known strategy employed by cardiovascular drugs – to boost nitric oxide. It was one of the first strategies I learned when I worked in cardiovascular drug development, in fact. It is also the basis for how Viagra works. Outside its very well-known role, Viagra is also a cardiovascular drug.

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How Spirit can guide you to a life filled with miracles and amazing possibilities
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How Spirit can guide you to a life filled with miracles and amazing possibilities

Colette Baron-Reid

Psychic medium and bestselling author Colette Baron-Reid shares her spiritual journey and explains how Spirit helped her heal from a drug addiction to live an amazing life, where she tours the world helping others connect with their inner gifts and intuition.

How did your spiritual journey start?

It began the day I left the basement of a drug dealer. I was 27 years old, a drug addict and an alcoholic and nothing I had done up to that point had worked. I was failing at everything and I wanted to kill myself. As I walked up the stairs to the bathroom, I said ‘help me.’ It was a ‘help me’ that came from the depths of my soul, because I knew that I was going to die if I kept doing what I was doing. I felt I had no way out, as I was totally trapped in my addictions.

I remember going into that bathroom, looking in the mirror and finally seeing myself as I truly was, not the false idea of who I was, or the somebody I was hoping I would become. Yet I felt this bubble of light around me and I heard a voice as clear as a bell say, ‘It’s over.’ In that moment I just surrendered.

It was completely uncharted for me, but from that moment all kinds of opportunities came. So my spiritual journey really began with that mirror at that drug dealer’s house, when I finally surrendered.

I think I was using drugs and drink to escape feeling too much, but when I got clean and sober I started to believe in miracles. And the more I surrendered, the more the miracles came. I started reading books on spirituality and taking meditation classes, going to a Tibetan temple and of course going to my 12 Step meetings. All of this helped me find a pathway to God that wasn’t religious and that made sense to me, because I had had a very confused religious upbringing. I was raised Christian and went to a Catholic school but then found out my mother was actually a holocaust survivor and she was really Jewish, but all through my childhood I didn’t know! I also felt I needed a new relationship to my higher power, so I became very interested in the idea that we were born in original blessing and not sin.

My gifts as an intuitive really came out when I got sober. I wasn’t hearing voices because of drugs, instead I was hearing voices because they were real! I studied and became an expert in oracles and used them to guide me in understanding my own progress as well as helping me with all the other spiritual work I was doing.

Were you also intuitive as a child?

Yes, I’d had this ability since I was very young. I had recurring nightmares between the ages of three and five. I dreamt about a skeletal man crying at a table. I could see teeth piled up on one side of the table and gold piled up on the other. Then I’d see these skinny people being shoved into an oven. I always woke up to a terrible smell and many years later I found out that this was the smell of an abattoir. When I was in my twenties I discovered what this dream meant, when I learned that was how my grandfather had died in Dachau. Apparently the Nazi officers would pull the teeth of the prisoners to take the gold so that they could make jewellery for their wives and girlfriends. We didn’t even have a television so there was no way I could have known any of that and my mother hid her history from us until we were in our twenties. So I would never have had any access to that information, but of course I saw all these things in my nightmares.

And then I always knew stuff – I would know who was on the phone, or I would know information about people that I thought they had told me and they never had; it was very confusing for me. I also felt too much. I felt people’s feelings and I felt what was happening around me.

I found out when my father died that he could read Turkish coffee cups, but my mother had forbidden him to do it, as once when he was in a trance he had read that the neighbours were having an affair with each other. This revelation became a big scandal that my dad was part of, and since my mother didn’t want to be a social pariah she told my father he was never allowed to do that again. But I didn’t know any of this until his friends told me about it at his funeral.

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Step into Sacred Time and invite miracles into your life
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Step into Sacred Time and invite miracles into your life

Cissi Williams

Have you ever had the experience of wasting time? As if time is slipping through your fingers? Or perhaps that there never is enough time, so you end up always feeling stressed and overwhelmed? How would it be if there was a way for you to step into timelessness, so your life can be filled with miracles instead of tension?

In life we experience two sets of time – linear time and circular time. Linear time is the one we are most familiar with, where there is a past, present and future, whilst circular time is like a wheel.

The ancient shamans knew that there was a relationship between time and light; that light has no time; and they believed that when we can move at the speed of light we have become so immersed with the Divine that time no longer exists. Instead we have become that light, and in that moment we step into timelessness, into eternity itself; we come home to Heaven.

The shamans believed that time moves like a wheel, so you are not only affected by your past – you can also influence your future. This is why shamans travel in time; they journey back in time when doing soul retrievals to discover the original wounding; and they journey out into the future when doing destiny retrievals, where they look for those highest choices that are available to you.

How is this possible? Well, time is an illusion as it is a mental construct. Time does not really exist except in our minds – what we actually have is the eternal now. In our minds we can journey into the past and the future, and by changing the energetic frequency of how we perceive the past and the future we can affect how much positive energy we have available in the now – and this literally can transform our lives, as everything we create is sourced from our inner energy.

The different domains

In linear time we are under the laws of cause and effect, and this is the domain of the ego. But when we step into circular time, we step into sacred time, into timelessness, and this is the domain of Spirit, where all possibilities exist, as this is the womb of all source-energy.

The meeting point

Though circular time and linear time are very different, they do meet – one such meeting point is in the eternal now, and the other meeting point is when we step into the sacred, through ceremonies and rituals and when we journey into the domains of the Soul and Spirit. Other times they meet are when something happens regularly, as a circle, so at sunrise and sunset, at the full moon and new moon, at the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinox, when women have their period (as their bodies are closely connected to this cyclical rhythm), but also when we give birth or are being born. At those times the veils are thin between this world and the world of Spirit. There are also places where the veils are thinner than others, as if these places form strong energy portals that allow us to connect with a different dimension, where linear and cyclical time meet – some of these places are Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Machu Picchu and the Pyramids.

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