About the magazine

Our magazine is filled with inspiration, information, tools and resources for how you can connect with your inner wisdom, enabling you to create a life filled with health and happiness.

We aim to achieve this through inspiring interviews with, and articles by, the leading-edge authors and experts in the extraordinary field of body, mind and spirit. There is so much wisdom available today – wisdom that has the ability to raise our consciousness and transform our lives and the world we live in.


Who we are

Cissi and Alan Williams initially founded Inspire, a holistic health magazine, in Sweden in 2009, where it quickly became one of Sweden’s most popular spiritual wellbeing magazines. Upon moving back to England they launched Inspired Wellbeing in April 2015.

The two magazines are virtually identical, published quarterly, and with a combined readership of 110,000.

The founders have an in-depth knowledge into many aspects of health as they are themselves complementary practitioners, in a variety of therapies such as osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, naturopathy, NLP, yoga, Pilates for rehabilitation, shamanic energy medicine and transformational soul coaching. They have between them over 44 years experience in treating patients and clients. This helps them in their intention of filling the magazine with really interesting, inspiring and soul-nourishing interviews and articles, that will help the readers find tools and resources for how they can live a more holistic lifestyle, being in alignment with their mind, body and spirit.