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QUESTION… My 3-month-old baby girl had a difficult birth where she became stuck and had to be delivered using forceps. Her head was quite bruised afterwards. She is now difficult to settle and cries a lot. She is unable to fall into a deep sleep; instead she catnaps but the slightest noise wakes her up. She is a good feeder and loves to suck on her dummy. Would cranial osteopathy be able to help her? My health visitor recommended I give it a try.

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Transformational Coaching & Energy Medicine

Transformational Coaching &
Energy Medicine


I feel totally empty inside, as if a part of me has died, even though my life is really good. I am happily married, with two wonderful children. A few years ago we moved to a new town due to my being offered a great job opportunity there.

It was a fantastic time for me and it felt as if all my dreams were coming true – I had the job I loved and we could afford to buy a lovely house. But after a while we noticed that the children did not like their new school and they longed for their old hometown. Six months ago we decided to move back and I feel peaceful with our decision. The kids are much happier and it is as if they now can blossom. At the same time I feel as if all the energy has been drained out of me. When we moved back, I had to give up my dream and I now feel lost. I don’t really know what I want or what I should do. The first move was due to me, which I feel was selfish of me, and now I am scared of making another decision that might affect the children negatively. When I wake up in the morning it feels as if my mind is being clouded by a dark fog and all I can see is confusion in my future. I don’t want to take antidepressants as I intuitively feel that I am undergoing some kind of spiritual transformation; I just don’t know how to navigate through it. Please help me.
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Herbal Medicine


QUESTION… I have been getting stomach aches recently, maybe for two or three months, every time after a meal. The ache comes on about 30 minutes after I’ve eaten and I can’t seem to tolerate any spicy food lately. Are there foods I should stay away from, and which herbs may be beneficial?

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