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Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit

Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit

Embark on a healing journey that will deepen your mystical connection with Spirit, so you can embrace your Soul’s light and gifts, whilst developing your own energy medicine and spiritual wisdom.

The training is divided into two parts; the first part is for your own healing and the second part is focused on deepening your connection with Spirit and refining your healing skills, so you can become a certified practitioner working with assisting others in their healing journey.

Part 1: Become your own mystic, healer and shaman

Course Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit Cissi Williams

Module 1: Stepping into the light (3 days)

Connect more fully with your inner light by finding out how to:

  • Balance, heal and cleanse your chakras and energy field
  • Identify what holds you back
  • Connect with your soul through mystical meditation and prayer
  • Trust your Inner Teacher to help transform your inner pain into wisdom
  • Let love be your guide instead of fear
  • Release old wounds with Past-life Healing
  • Discover your soul’s gifts and power animal with Soul Retrieval
  • Work with shamanic healing
  • Get to know the first shamanic archetype, the Serpent, so it can show you how to shed your old stories and limiting thought patterns. This will strengthen your connection with Mother Earth and encourage you to step into a new way of being, where you live in harmony with life. This is the first direction of the medicine wheel (south).
  • Heal deeply by receiving the first 4 Munay-Ki Rites (the Healers Rite connecting you with healers of the past; the Bands of Power that are woven into your energy field for protection; the Harmony Rite, where you receive the 7 archetypes into your chakras, and the Seer’s Rite, where pathways of light connect your visual cortex with your third eye and heart chakra).
  • Start building your own Mesa (medicine bag).
Course Energy Medicine & Healing with the SpiritCourse Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit

Module 2: Healing the Past (4 days)

Tap into your powerful inner healer by learning how to:

  • Identify imprints and negative energy held in the energy-field
  • Understand how depression, anxiety and psychic pain can be spiritual tools for awakening
  • Heal karma and ancestral patterns
  • Gain insights and divine wisdom with Soul Coaching
  • Deepen your connection with Spirit through mystical meditation and prayer
  • Experience the power of atonement
  • Learn how forgiveness frees you from the past
  • Meet and receive guidance from your Spiritual Council
  • Track a negative energy to find its source
  • Remove intrusive negative energies (entities, psychic attacks, old programming)
  • Refine your shamanic healing skills (working with the energy-field, chakras and crystalized energies)
  • Learn how to balance the nervous system so you switch off the flight-and-fight response
  • Get to know the shamanic archetype of deep emotional and mental healing, the Jaguar, so you can have the courage and power you need to live your truth. This is the second direction around the medicine wheel (west), and you will here continue to build your own Mesa.
  • Connect even more deeply with the healing energy by receiving the 5th Munay-Ki Rite (the Daykeeper Rite, which connects you to the lineage of master healers from ancient times, and helps you heal your inner feminine, bringing you into harmony with Mother Earth).
Course Energy Medicine & Healing with the SpiritCourse Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit

Module 3: Embarking on your soul’s journey (4 days)

Let your soul guide you to your highest destiny by discovering how to:

  • Let your soul be your guide, instead of the ego
  • Heal your shadow, inner conflicts and energetic imbalances
  • Free yourself from what you think you should have, do and be, and instead accept what is, enabling you to tap into a deep spiritual peace
  • Tune into your soul’s wisdom with mystical meditation
  • Surrender your need to be in control so you instead can be guided by the Divine
  • Visit the Upper World, the Akashic Records, your Spiritual Council and Guardian Angels
  • Heal deeply with Soul Retrieval, as well as learning how to do a Soul Retrieval on someone else
  • Co-create a new inspired future by using Destiny Retrieval, an ancient shamanic technique
  • Use the shamanic archetype of the Hummingbird, where you learn how to embark on your soul’s journey, whilst being able to focus on the blessings of life. This is the third direction around the medicine wheel (north), and you will here continue to build your Mesa.
  • Receive the 6th Munay-Ki Rite (the Wisdomkeeper’s Rite, which helps you heal your inner masculine, step outside of time and space and connect with eternity).
Course Energy Medicine & Healing with the SpiritCourse Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit


Module 1: 3rd-5th December 2016
Module 2: 18-21st March 2017
Module 3: 24-27th June 2017
Module 4: 16-19th September 2017

Module 4: Becoming a co-creator with the Divine (4 days)

Take your place in the Divine Plan and co-create with Spirit by experiencing how to:

  • Know the difference between following the wishes of the ego and the longings from your Soul, so you can be sure to take action that is in alignment with the Divine Plan
  • Open your heart and invite the sacred to step in, filling your heart with peace and compassion
  • Have the courage to let go of the life you have outgrown, and develop the strength you need to be able to stay in the ‘void’ (a place that feels like emptiness, where all possibilities exist), for as long as it takes for something new to be born. To help you with this, you will experience the shamanic Death Rite.
  • Enhance your shamanic healing and Soul Coaching skills
  • Trust the Divine Plan and follow the guidance you receive from Spirit, so you can create a life that is in alignment with your Soul
  • Deepen your understanding of Soul Retrieval
  • Use the shamanic archetype of the Eagle and Condor, showing you how to fly wing-to-wing with Spirit, with an open heart, weaving a new life into being. This is the fourth direction around the medicine wheel (east).
  • You will here receive your final stone for your medicine bag, linking you to the lineage of healers that have gone before you. Your Mesa is now complete and filled with healing power and wisdom.
  • Receive the 7th Munay-Ki Rite (the Earthkeeper’s Rite, which connects you to the archangels and lifts you from your earth-bound existence enabling your spirit to soar free).
Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit

Part 2: Certified Energy-Medicine Practitioner & Soul Coach


Once you have qualified you will be able to place two ¼ adverts in either Inspired Wellbeing magazine, or the Scandinavian magazine Inspire for FREE (value of £900). The adverts have to be placed within one year of you receiving your certificates. Placing these adverts also entitles you to a free listing on the magazine’s website for the duration of your advertising.

The magazines have a combined readership of 110,000.

Deepen your healing tools by learning:

  • Advanced soul retrieval & destiny retrieval, deepening skills in soul coaching and shamanic healing, transformational questions to help someone heal deeply, compassionate client skills, and techniques for navigating the invisible world of Spirit – both for yourself and others.
  • How to track an energy into the past and future, as well as scanning for imbalances within someone’s body (heart, nervous system, kidneys, lungs, womb), chakras and energy-field.
  • You will also receive the 8th and 9th Munay-Ki Rites (the Starkeeper’s Rite, which helps your physical body evolve into more light, and the Creator Rite which enables you to discover how Spirit works through you – as you – helping you to become a conscious co-creator with the Divine).

This 20-day training consists of spiritual mentoring and clinical training with Cissi, and a Home Study Programme containing mystical meditation, esoteric wisdom, healing linguistics, soul coaching, energy medicine and shamanic healing. Some of the days are ‘in-person’ at our course venue, whilst some are via Skype/phone, enabling you to easier combine your studies with your family and work life.   This training is for those of you who want to work with assisting others in their healing, but can also be undertaken to deepen your own healing skills, spiritual awareness, compassion and connection with your soul. You will receive a private 2-hour healing session with Cissi, as well as group mentoring with her.

Your trainer Cissi Williams

Your trainer

Cissi Williams has been on a healing journey since her own spiritual awakening in 1992. This has led her to study many healing modalities and sources of esoteric wisdom, and today she works as a cranial osteopath, naturopath, shamanic energy medicine practitioner, NLP trainer and soul coach. She knows from first-hand experience that it is indeed possible to heal deep inner pain using spiritual principles, and her passion is to share with others how they can do that too. She is the editor and co-founder of two spiritual health magazines, Inspired Wellbeing in the UK, and Inspire in Scandinavia, and the author of several books on health and healing.

Download the course brochure here…


All the courses are held in a beautiful large house set in 9 acres of secluded meadow and woodland, in Lewes, East Sussex. It has an enormous open plan sitting room, a wood burner, dining area and open plan kitchen. It has several bedrooms, some of them en-suite. We have the use of the whole house and garden, being absolutely ideal for meditation, deep inner work and transformational healing. You can bring your own food, as you will have free use of the kitchen.

Only a limited number of people can stay at the house (if you want to stay there, please contact us as soon as possible). There are also several lovely bed and breakfasts in the surrounding area.


Part 1: Become your own mystic, healer and shaman

If you book up and pay per module

  • Module 1: £350. 15% discount if you book your place before end of July.

To secure this price (£297), only a deposit of £50 is needed.

  • Module 2, 3 and 4: £495 each.


Savings by booking up all 4 modules.

Book up for all 4 modules and pay only £1550 (can be paid in instalments).


Save even more!

Book up for all 4 modules before the end of July.

Price is then only £1350 (to be paid in instalments).

To secure this price, only a deposit of £150 is needed before end of July.


Biggest saving!

Book up and pay for all 4 modules before the end of July.

Price is then only £1200.


Part 2: Certified Energy-Medicine Practitioner & Soul Coach

Price: £1895 (can be paid in instalments).


Massive saving if you know this is for you!

If you know this is the path for you, then receive a large discount by booking up for both Part 1 and Part 2, (the total of 35 days of training). The cost is then only £2600, which can be paid in instalments.


However, if you book up before the end of July we offer the following savings:

  1. Book up before the end of July and pay only £2400 (if pay in instalments). Deposit needed to secure this price is £250.
  2. Book up and pay before the end of July for the whole training. Price only £2200.

If you choose option 2, you will save £1530 compared to if you pay per module.

For more information email