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Light bath


You can connect back to Source energy at any moment by giving yourself a light bath – a super quick way to connect and raise your vibration in an instant. Like a mini version of Sourcing, a light bath is especially handy for those moments when you find yourself in a low vibe or depleted mood and only have a minute. Click here to read

WELLBEING TIPS from your soul

WELLBEING TIPS from your soul

The more connected we are with our soul, the better we feel – because it is the source of our divine life energy, our gifts, dreams and manifestation skills, enabling us to create abundant and happy lives. By establishing a daily routine where we make room for our soul’s energy to flow into our lives, we begin to connect with this divine source of wellbeing. These four simple tips explain how to get started.

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Manifest your dreams Inspired Wellbeing Magazine


by listening to your Divine GPS How can we manifest our soul’s dreams and longings? And how can we learn to listen to our soul, so we can be guided by our own unique Divine GPS? The answer is that in order to manifest our soul’s dreams we need to take the time to truly get to know our soul, by tuning into its divine energy, wisdom and love. Doing this, we allow our soul to become our own spiritual coach, who can answer our questions and help us solve any problems which we face. This sounds easy enough, but how do we actually do this in real life? Click here to read