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Light bath by Rebecca Campbell


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You can connect back to Source energy at any moment by giving yourself a light bath – a super quick way to connect and raise your vibration in an instant. Like a mini version of Sourcing, a light bath is especially handy for those moments when you find yourself in a low vibe or depleted mood and only have a minute.

Here’s how you do the light bath:

Rub your hands together and, as you do, visualize your heart opening. Then gently pull your hands apart and notice the subtle energy you have activated. This is your connection to Source. Place your hands with palms upwards (in receiving mode).


Gently close your eyes and imagine a big ball of light from the heavens, shining down endless amounts of light just for you. Imagine the light coming down through the crown of your head straight for your heart and the palms of your hands.


At the center of your heart, imagine a ball of light. As you receive the light from Source, imagine the ball of light in your heart getting bigger and bigger until it fi lls your entire being.


Breathe and receive this beautiful unlimited light energy. Breathe and receive, as it fi lls you up, replacing any darkness with beautiful luminous light and bringing you back into fl ow with the Universe.



Give yourself a light bath

Rebecca Campbell is the author of Light Is The New Black, and the Light Bath meditation is an extract from this

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