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Brandon Bays Inspired Wellbeing Magazine


In 1992 Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball. This led her to start an intensive healing journey, where she cleansed herself of old mental and emotional baggage, which had compromised her body’s ability to heal itself: only six and a half weeks later she was pronounced tumour-free.

The method she used evolved into the transformational process we now know as The Journey. Since its foundation, The Journey has spread worldwide and it has helped thousands of people find inner peace and a new level of health and wellbeing. Brandon also teaches us how to live abundant lives, as well as how we can let go of our ego so we are able to liberate our true selves. She is one of the warmest, most loving and insightful people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to.
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IW: Why is it that sometimes, however much we focus on optimism, we still seem to sabotage our own positive efforts?


Brandon: It is because all of us have what I call our silent saboteurs. One part of us is saying: I want to find my soulmate, secure my dream job, or I really want to get my health in order; so on one level we are thinking positive thoughts and they are being sent out to the Universe. On another, deeper level, there is a different part of us saying: You are never going to find that soulmate, you are not worthy of your dream job; even if you get thin and strong, nobody will be attracted to you. So we have these silent saboteurs inside us, and what happens is that we emit two impulses – one that is very positive and inspiring and another one that is very destructive, and they end up cancelling each other out.


IW: What role do you feel facing our deepest fears plays in enabling us to connect with the source within us?

Brandon: As long as there are hidden fears stored inside us, they run our show. Most of us are on the run from fear. We will do anything to run away from fear –we gossip, we drink, we watch TV, we work. We do anything to try to avoid meeting the fear. And yet, my own direct experience is that when you finally sit down and say: OK. I am willing to go into the core of my worst fear, then you connect instead with the divine source that is within you.


This happened to me when I was 39 and I faced a life-threatening illness. At 40 my uninsured home and personal possessions were completely destroyed by fire. At 41 my income was confiscated and my marriage fell apart. And at 42 my employment wound down and ended. I was left alone having lost everything that mattered.


I kept trying to run away from my problems but eventually realised that nothing was working. I decided it was time to identify every fear that was secretly lurking inside my body. As I sat down to face all my worst fears, I could feel the panic starting to rise, but I kept on going. Eventually, I faced the deepest of all the fears: I would die penniless and alone because I could not take care of myself. As I confronted this fear, I could feel something let go and seemingly dissolve into a vast field of blackness. My physical form seemed to become insubstantial, to disappear into nothingness, into pure awareness. I had a feeling of timelessness and experiencing the whole universe as one consciousness, an all-inclusive potential waiting to manifest and express itself as form, as all of life. And I recognised that this pure potential was my own soul, my own self.


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Denise Linn Inspired Wellbeing Magazine


Denise Linn is of Native American heritage and although she was not raised in a traditional way she feels called to connect with the old practices. Her spiritual journey began as a teenager when she had a near death experience after being shot by an unknown gunman. The insights she received while on “the other side” gave her the ability to heal her wounds and this was the beginning of her path as a healer, writer and teacher.

She has written several self help books, many of which have become international bestsellers, and she has been a guest on Oprah, Lifetime and the BBC. Here she talks to Cissi Williams.
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IW: When did you open up spiritually?


Denise: The pivotal event was when I was 17 and living in a farming area in the United States. I was riding my little motorbike and unbeknown to me I was being followed by someone who had already killed a number of people. On an isolated part of the road he hit the gas and ran into my motorbike, throwing me off to the side of the road. I could not believe that I had been hit. This is a really small community. As I lay at the side of the road I saw him turn the car around and thought he would come and help me. Instead he rolled down the window, pulled out a gun and shot me.

When I was eventually found and taken to the hospital there was a moment when the doctors thought I had died, and during that moment I had a very vivid experience – people would call this a near-death experience. In this experience I left my body, and I went to an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place, which felt at the same time so familiar. It made everything that had happened to me in my life look like a dream, and instead it was this place that was the “real” reality. It felt like this was the place where I belonged, my true home. There was a river of light, and I knew I had to cross that river before I could solidly return home. And halfway across the river I felt as if I had been roped. (Both of my parents were scientists; however my mother is Cherokee-Indian and as a child my parents were enrolled in the rodeo. I was used to being roped because my cousins used to practice on me when we were kids.) So I felt I was being roped out of the river, and there was a voice which said: “It is not your time. There are things you have to do.”

My body was so damaged by the shooting and I still have holes through my spine from the bullet. I lost my spleen; a kidney; an adrenal gland; part of a lung and a bit of my stomach. The doctors used a seven-inch plastic tube to replace my aorta and they said there was only a very small chance that I would live. But I did, and I healed very quickly.

I believe that on “the other side” there was an activation of a cell memory that remembered where we have come from, and just those few moments I spent there was enough to activate the healing force that we all have inside of us.

After this experience I started to see colours around people and objects and I could hear sounds that other people could not hear. Not only does everything have its own light, but it also has its own sound that vibrates at a certain frequency. To begin with I did not know of anyone who had experienced these colours and sounds; only later did I find out that lots of people can see auras and hear these sounds of the universe. So this is how my spiritual journey started.


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