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As a traditional psychotherapist and psychiatrist Brian Weiss was taken by surprise when one of his patients, in the middle of a therapy session, suddenly remembered events that happened in a previous life – 4000 years ago! Brian was very sceptical, but when he noticed that his patient’s anxiety improved after the session he realised he may have stumbled upon something. Here, he talks to Cissi Williams.

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IW: How did your journey into Past Life Regression start?


Brian: My background is very academic: I was a professor in Psychiatry at the University of Miami and chairman for the Psychiatric department at Mount Sinai Medical Centre, and I had no plans for this to one day change.

One of my patients, Catherine, suffered from anxiety, phobia and panic attacks. She could not take any medication as she had problems swallowing tablets. She was not improving with ordinary psychotherapy so one day I decided I would try hypnosis – a technique I had learned a few years earlier. My intention was to relax her such that it would be comfortable to remember previous traumatic events from her childhood that could be the cause of her anxiety and phobia. This is the original idea with psychotherapy: that symptoms we exhibit in the present may have their roots in traumatic childhood events. However, under hypnosis Catherine did not go back to her childhood. Instead she remembered events much further back in time: she vividly recalled several past lives and even described the place she went to in between lives.

What was so interesting for me was that her symptoms started to ease as she recalled the past lives she felt were the root cause of her anxiety and phobia. She had suffered from these symptoms for several years and although I was very sceptical I realised I may have discovered something that could be of value for other patients, as Catherine made such progress following her past life regression.

IW: It must have been an incredible insight for you that was probably in sharp contrast to your orthodox medical background. How did you manage to embrace this new insight and way of thinking?

Brian: Since I am a scientist, I used my own scientific observation even in this situation – and I could see that Catherine got better with each session. While she was in this deep trance she could also tell me details about my own life, details that she could not possibly have known, such as that my son had died when he was very young. Hardly anyone knew about this so there was no possibility of her having learned this information before her sessions.

Catherine’s insights while she was in a deep trance, combined with the fact that her symptoms subsided, led me to try hypnosis with another patient, and then another and another. All the patients I worked with experienced the same positive result. They also regressed to previous lives during their sessions and the insights they gained while there helped them to get better in this life – and their symptoms also disappeared.

This was a lot for me to take in, as I myself did not believe in past lives, but as a scientist I realised I had to acknowledge that there was something about this kind of hypnosis that seemed to work.


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Neale Donald Walsch Inspired Wellbeing Magazine


Neale Donald Walsch is one of the world’s most famous spiritual teachers and authors. His international bestseller Conversations with God has sold in the millions. Neale was inspired to write his book when he, in frustration, asked several questions of God in response to his own difficult living circumstances. He had been homeless for over a year when he finally secured a job as a radio DJ.

Then the radio station closed down. That night he sat down with pen and paper and wrote several angry questions to God. At 4.30am he was awakened by a voice asking: Do you really want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting? Neale answered back: Both. I am venting, sure, but if these questions have answers I’d sure as hell like to hear them! The voice then said: You are “sure as hell” about many things, but would it not be nice to be sure as Heaven?
The dialogue that followed became the book Conversations with God. Here Neale answers our questions.
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IW: How did you awaken to your own spiritual nature?


Neale: It came through my mother, who was a very spiritual person. I would not call her a religious person in the sense that she did not hold a doctrine or dogma, but she was very spiritual in the sense that she was deeply aware of the existence of something called God, and of the presence of that existence in her life. So from a very early age I lived in an environment in which God was a dominant factor. As a child I had many questions and my mother encouraged me to explore these questions and often she would not give me an answer asking me instead: What do you think? This allowed me to develop a tradition of enquiry as a proper response to the presence of God in my life, so it became quite natural for me to always ask questions.

I had a Roman Catholic upbringing and by the age of 10 or 11 I would often talk to the priests about God for half or three quarters of an hour at a time. Often the priests would say: My, my, what interesting questions from such a young child, such a young man. Where do you get these questions?

My questioning led me ultimately to leave the theological confines of the Roman Catholic tradition, not in anger or with a sense of rejection, but rather from a place of curiosity and with a feeling of expansion. The Roman Catholic faith was very comfortable for me, and as an older teenager I had often contemplated going in to the priesthood. So I do not feel that I rejected Catholicism but it occurred to me there must be more here, there must be something I do not understand, about God, the understanding of which could change everything.

IW: How do you manage to stay connected with the divine now in your life?

Neale: I try to remain connected with God, with divinity, by being connected with life, with truth, with love, and with transparency in any moment in my life, or certainly as many moments as I can manage.


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