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WELLBEING TIPS from your soul

The more connected we are with our soul, the better we feel – because it is the source of our divine life energy, our gifts, dreams and manifestation skills, enabling us to create abundant and happy lives. By establishing a daily routine where we make room for our soul’s energy to flow into our lives, we begin to connect with this divine source of wellbeing. These four simple tips explain how to get started.


Our soul does not need any guarantees, insurances or proof. It just knows all is well. The ego, on the other hand, doubts everything and will never feel safe, regardless of how many insurances and guarantees it gets. So whenever  we are at a crossroads in our life, and our heart says: Go for it! But our ego says: How will that ever work out? Think of everything that could go wrong! Well, then we have a choice: Will we follow the voice of our soul, or the voice of our ego? When we follow the voice of our soul, and have faith that it will guide us forward on our path, then our fears and worries start to subside, and with that, the ego’s voice becomes quieter. As a result, it is easier for us to hear our soul’s voice; our vision is sharper and we can see the steps we need to take in order to move in the direction of our soul’s vision for us. Suddenly we step into a river of synchronicities, where opportunities flow towards us and miracles start to happen.


When we focus on the hurt we have experienced in our past – what others have said and done – we drain ourselves of energy. This creates an inner wound that we keep infecting for as long as we refuse to forgive. Because our soul wants us to become whole, it will draw to us situations that mirror this inner wound, offering us a chance to learn what we need to understand in order to forgive what has happened; to forgive the other person involved; and to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness truly sets us free by releasing us from the past, and allowing us to be fully present in the here and now. We then gain total access to the whole of our life energy, which we can harness to create an amazing, happy, vibrant and magical life.

  1. PRAY

Prayer girlBy praying everyday we develop a closer relationship with our soul, with the divine, and with the higher intelligence that is present in all of life. Let your prayers come from your heart, and also let the divine answer you. Listen to the answers, feel them and trust that this communication truly is happening. Have faith, and let yourself be guided by your inner wisdom and intuition.


Invite the sacred into your life. Create an altar at home that represents your connection with the divine, and feed this altar every day by decorating it with fresh flowers, lighting a candle, burning some incense, or meditating beside it. Let it be a symbol of your connection with the divine, with the sacredness that is present in your life. Following these four tips will boost our inner wellbeing and sense of feeling connected to something much bigger than ourselves. We then feel less pressure to have to figure everything out for ourselves. When we invite our soul to become more present in our lives, we are allowing a very wise, loving and compassionate friend to become our guide – a friend who is eternally connected to the divine intelligence that just knows how to help us fulfil our highest divine potential.  

CW snippet Cissi Williams is a Transformational  Coach, NLP Trainer, Osteopath, Naturopath and Practitioner of Energy Medicine. She is passionate about helping others connect with their inner source of happiness and wellbeing, as she knows we all have the capacity to heal our mind, body and spirit. She is the author of Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being, Spiritual Medicine, and Transformational NLP.